Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trooper Says Thank You

Some really great people on Twitter have been donating to Trooper's Dental Surgery Fund and he (me) just REALLY wanted to thank all of you, because it really does help!

 Trooper's trying to hold up the sign all by himself. "Leave me alone, mom. I can do it!" But he's a little bit glassy eyed still (lots of pain meds) and honestly, walking has been hysterical:  A little to the left and a sway to the right.

 I thought I'd help out. Balance the camera on the washer, pick up Trooper and the sign, smile. Well, some of me got in the photo. Just as well. Trooper and I have been vying for biggest hair day all week. Eek.

A good close up to show you we've received $135 in donations already! As the sign says "Happiness is a happy, healthy, rescue dog." Amen.

For the details of Trooper's surgery and recovery: http://snowflowerstreet.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/twenty-one-teeth/

d, xo

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