Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cordiality in Advertising: Wood Clothes Hangers

While other woman nudging each other over estate sale clothes, I'm patiently waiting for the hangers. I love old wood clothes hangers covered in advertising from dry cleaners, hotels, inns, and department stores. They are a great piece of history printed with old neighborhood phone codes: "Hillcrest 2453", Pineridge 5462".

I uncovered this great collection at a Tahoe yard sale. (Why yes, I do thrift when I'm on vacation; don't you?) I  picked out the broken and bent ones and still came away with 24 hangers! 14 for coats; 10 for dresses/shirts.

From Los Angeles, Pasadena, Northern California, Connecticut, Washington, they've come from all over.

When was the last time you saw a free-hanging hanger in a motel? Or got your dry cleaning back on anything other than a wire hanger? Old wood ad hangers represent a lost era of cordiality and care. I love them.

This collection will be up at Scout and Rescue later today. And they'll go quickly!

d, xo

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