Thursday, June 7, 2012

The British Sparkle

I found this beautiful hand-beaded top at a thrift store. I love the label: "Made in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong". Now that could be from an expanse of eras, really, but I remember going to Hong Kong just before it was "returned" to the People's Republic of China by England in 1997. It was very exciting. And now with Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee--the glitter, the elegance, it just spoke to me. 

Dare I research it's past? Hm....will see. Still, it is entirely hand beaded & gorgeous. And will be posted in Dahlila Found by Friday.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Such a wonderful find! I reckon it probably dates early 1960s - certainly well before mass-production took over. You may also find beautifully beaded handbags from the same era which also include the 'Made in Hong Kong' label. And everything I've ever come across is of a super-high standard.

    I was also in Hong Kong before it was returned to the Chinese c.1992/3. An amazing place and with such diversity. Lots of interesting smells too if I remember correctly! :-)