Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Contraptions: The Toas-Tite Maker

Thank you John E. Strietelmeier. Toas-Tite "Sandwich Grill" inventor, 1945

Three generations of women in my family have owned Toas-Tite makers. I grew up making the delectable Toasted sandwiches dripping with melted cheese. When it snowed and I had to shovel the entire frozen deck that wrapped half way around our house I made them with  tomato soup. I swear it saved my frost bitten little life.

There is no trick to it; even a kid can do it. Insert two slices of bread slathered in butter or mayonnaise and filled with cheese in the clam-like grips, tighten it, trim off the excess and put it on the stove. Flip it once, check it for bubbles. Eat!
Dinner on the burner. I had to demonstrate!

Toasty, a bit black, how I like it.

Wa-la! Insta' drippy cheese. Here: oatmeal bread and Irish cheddar cheese, but Rainbow bread and cheese slices will work in a 1960's minute.

Recently, I found this one at an estate sale and nearly squealed. They're rather rare and this one not only has the original instructions, but is pre-patent, dating it to the early 40s. Plus, it has a RED handle! (Ladies, it's the little things.)
I called mom to share. She double checked to make sure she still had hers.
"Does the cabin have one?" she asked. I thought so.
"Does Aunt G have one?" I asked. She thought so.
We double checked our mental family lists. Everyone had one. SO, if I can ungrip my toasty fingers from this lovely specimen I will actually sell it in the shop. (Don't rush me! I'm letting go.) If this ever truly happens, you can join the ranks of kitchy owners of comfort food contraptions. The Toas-tite maker. It rocks.

It doubles as a Xena Warrior breast plate. Halloween surprise?

d. xxoo

P. S. You can go nuts with homemade, but I'm afraid the tomato rice soup was Campbell's. ;-)

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