Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What To Do?

What to do; what to do.

I recently discovered someone else in my city created a mobile boutique, like I've always wanted to do for Dahlila Found vintage--and theirs is fabulous!

Kicks the ground and feels like...what?

Like someone else had the courage, encouragement, money, moral support (it's a big team effort) to do what I haven't done. I've folded on a few dreams that way. Ideas to crazy, I assumed, that I might fail, at another crazy idea, and I would get snickered and sighed at because...REALLY, just grow up and get a real job for goodness sakes! says the choir in my head, and, well in my past life.

So, I'm wondering. Seriously, now. When someone else beats you to that "new idea" and gets all the rave, is it too late? 

What. Do. I/You/We. DO?

dahlila xo


  1. Absolutely not. Why not go for it? Maybe you could work in concert with them?

  2. Jen, you would say that. :-)
    I am SO weary of stepping on anyone's toes. And there's is VERY professional. I did find the cutest little trailer on C-list. Wish you were here. It needs a good 50's style makeover. :-)

    d xo