Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, Trooper

I haven't given you an update in days. It's been rather chaotic around here, so please forgive me.

As Trooper gets healthier, he's getting more obstinate. Yesterday he drove me crazy--in the house, out of the house, bark, bark, bark. (I don't have a gated backyard. *MAJOR SIGH* So, I have to let him out, patrol him--the great escape artist who whooshed down the driveway and around the neighbor's yard again. I do believe he thinks it's a game. Objective: get around that woman who always blocks my getaway route: left! Right! Run, run, run, SCORE!

A rare front view, always on the run, away!

I've tried leashing him up to a long tether, usually reserved for Zephyr, but I found him in the compost box, munching on egg shells and then stuck behind the lavender hedge, his leash caught on a branch. Oh, Trooper thy name is mischief!


In the house, I have a board to block the kitchen door, so Zephyr can still get in, but Trooper can't get out. It doesn't always accommodate Zephyr, but we try. It's basically a lot of ridiculous, especially when I'm TRYING to work. Sometimes, I just put him on my desk and hope he'll nap for a few minutes.

Don't let him fool you. The minute I move, he's awake. It's type, type, type, or nothing.

I really need to carve out some time and work on some training commands, if it's possible, like, "Hey, you! Stop burrowing for cat hors d'oeuvres. Or, Trooper, please don't run down the driveway when I'm in my pjs." Nothing fancy, mostly, Stop! Come! Those two alone would be great.


I managed to run my finger along his gums, a tad--getting the rinse solution into him after he eats and his few teeth left are nice and shiny! He got to keep his canines, so yay!

His coat is getting shinier, his skin isn't flaking nearly as much and now if he'd just eat a little more--out of his food bowl, not the compost--that'd be great.

Always in motion: run, run, run sleep.

He's got another week of antibiotics to go, then back to the vet for a follow-up. Phew!

Also, as a blessed surprise a very kind Twitter follower (who I won't out, because maybe that's not polite, although I really want to for her generosity :-) added to the Trooper fund, bringing his latest total to $180. And let me tell you, every dollar helps.

SO grateful!

Tell me why again, I can't claim dogs dependents on my taxes? Because they sure qualify under the dictionary definition. Oye.

Zephyr demonstrating "the stare". He's trained Trooper and they can do it FOREVER.

Ok, now it's med time--break out the cat food, the yogurt, the peanut butter, then we need a walk, says Trooper, whining at my feet. They will give me two minutes to poor coffee and toast a waffle, mostly because they know they'll each get the last bite.

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