Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scout and Rescue

If you haven't been around--or if I haven't been advertising enough--most likely the later, I have a second shop now, Scout and Rescue, vintage home decor, kitchenware, garden paraphinella. It's mostly a great excuse for me to buy a different variety of vintage--I do love kitchenware--that doesn't really blend in well with the cute shoes and flowy scarves at Dahlila Found. So, check it out!

Meanwhile, who are the couple in the photo, you're asking? These two very, very young cuties are my parents, years before they had me, years before they were even married. Age: 15-16, I think.

I ADORE this photo, so it's my shop picture. Because, in the grand scheme of things, my family, all of us, together or separately, our motto could easily be: scout and/or rescue. ;-)

p.s. Dad loved to fly fish. Motto: eat what you catch or release them back to the river. Yay, dad.

d, xo

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