Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nap Time

From the very beginning, little guy (Trooper) has been a good napper. And I am all for dog naps. Sometimes, it's the only way I get any work done. Amen. 

Trooper's first trip to the river, crashed out in his basket. Snooze central.

Coming home from Nana's for Christmas in the jeep. Seven people, four dogs, food, running around the house, dog walks, and one last stop at Machado's apple orchard for pie and one last pee break walk on the way home. Zzzzz.

Fresh out of a bath, and a blow dry; not so much a nap as me burying him in blankets for warmth. Still, sleep came soon.

He woke up just as I was going in for this shot. He may not hear but he knows.

Today, a blustery sunny day, we walked several miles along the river. We took the low trail, along the water, through the Cottonwood trees on damp grown, over down branches, through dense grass up along the trail. Trooper followed along and worked to keep up with Zephyr, the trail leader, who waits, patiently for us. Now, crashed out by my computer in the sunny window. Sweet dreams, little guy.
d, xo


  1. Oh he is sooooo adorable! Wait 'til Martha sees him. She loves all animals but especially fluffy little bundles like this!! He's so lucky that such a wonderful person as you found him. What are the chances? Eeek! And his little orange jacket is too cute!

  2. Ah, you are too kind. He has been a great joy. I feel lucky I found him. Even Zephyr is adjusting. :-)