Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where Did the Vintage Go?

So sorry. You came here for vintage and lately all you're seeing is this furry little dog. What's up?

Well, my regular life blog over on WebPress was botching up. I couldn't add the Chip In donation button, so I had to bring it all over here. If you love dogs, that may be great, but if you're looking for vintage, I'm so sorry. Sometimes, life just throws stuff at you and you have to work with it, or play with it. Or, bring it home and love it to pieces, like I've done with little guy--oh, er, Trooper, his new name. :-)

In the meantime, here. Look at the pretty vintage jewelry. It's rare, beautiful, expensive, and I found it in my granny's train trunk.

Say, ooh, aah. And I'll find you some more bobbles to look at again very soon.

d xo

p.s Dahlila Found is stocked to the gills. Surely there must be something there you can't resist. ;-)


  1. That dog is adorable, but that necklace is frakking stunning!!!!

  2. LOL, yep. It is. Ming's ivory. A rare treasure & I didn't even know I had it until recently going through granny's treasure chest. Now, it's in a safe place. Will be up for auction in the next month or so. Will keep you posted. :-)