Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Vintage Family Christmas

Folks on Twitter are posting #childhoodchristmas and I had to join in. These are a few of my very favorite winter photos, growing up in the deep white snow. :-) 

 Dad plowing the driveway in the old scout with Boomer hanging out in the snow (note: mom was WAY better at plowing, as dad always hit the garage divider when the scout slid down our steep drive. Boom! Mom was a rocking plow gal. Also, I learned to drive in the scout). 

My first, and second to last, ski race. Alpine Meadows, 1972. Dig the outfit. 

No one can agree on what year this is, but I'm probably 13-15 years old. This may be the year I HAD to cut down the tree with an AXE...just me and my best a snowstorm.  The axe failed. We ended with a saw. It took us HOURS. Crazy kids.

That's it for this Christmas eve. Off to the yearly family party, parents and all. Merry Christmas!

d, xo

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