Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dad Christmas

Dad & I have a ritual, we meet for coffee Christmas morning at Espresso Metro--traditionally the only coffee house open in our neighborhood.  We know the owner, who brings her kids. All the regulars show up. My ex works there--I asked him if I could wish the anarchist a Merry Christmas, he obliged. :)

The sun was straining through the fog all morning but it cleared enough that we could take our coffee to the park across the street--We have our glass mugs, plate of coissants and cream cheese baguettes.

We have a no-presents pack and usually I'm the one to break it, but we agreed little guy was Christmas this year. Dad, however, surprised me with a Starbucks card (!). "It isn't a present," he said. "It's maintenance." I laughed, because, as you know, it's exactly what I needed. Thank you, dad. Coffee's on me!

Zephyr hates it immensely, but I put his red sweater on for the occassion. They're staring at little guy with curiosity, still.

Dad talking to little guy, whom he still finds hilarious.

And here's our new pack of 2 1/4. Merry Christmas, good tidings and a beautiful day to all.
d, xo

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