Monday, December 12, 2011

Park Morning, Found Dog, Day 7

Our daily ritual, plus one.

It's a bit more, walking two dogs--one small, one large. It's like adding a toddler to the quiet loping of two. Little guy is here, there, everywhere. He isn't impossible, just more.
We had his vet visit today, which was a lot more--more news, more worry, more expense. Little guy has a cataract, terribly bad teeth, bad skin. He's much older than originally declared, 8 to 10, perhaps more. He was declared "aggressive" after nearly biting the techs, and therefore unadoptable, leaving me sour and less hopeful.
The vet today (new to me) is very analytical, no bedside manner. She could have been talking about a car engine, not a dog. "The dog is lucky, at this point." Less hope, less hope...

My father, who I rely upon for pick-me-up fluffing, was rather dismissive, time to move on, enough of this distraction, you gave it your best, now enough is enough. (He didn't actually say these things, but his implications were loud and clear.) I prevented my mother from taking the same route. I may disconnect my phone, because really, WHY do I have to decide anything?

You know that old writing adage, "You may only be able to see as far as the glow of your headlights, but you can make the whole journey that way"? Well, that's how I feel about this. I am not going to MAKE a decision. Something will happen. I may find him a loving owner. I may keep him, the world may collapse, etc, etc. butwe can do it, live it, one day at a time. That's all I've ever got in me anyway.

I took Zephyr out on a big dog walk after it all. We went out kicked leaves in the dark, tromped under the stars, through the park, followed the glow of the tennis court lights and just were.

Back home, right now, all dogs are fed and presently sleeping. Zephyr is upstairs on my bed. Little guy is downstairs on Zephyr's bed. All. Is. Well.

This morning in the park.

Zephyr finds a stick.

Little guy in his new coat with a collar. The stitching is in dog bones. It's very dapper.

d, xo
P.S. I'm changing his hash tag from #lostdog to #founddog because, really. ;-) 


  1. I would take him in a heartbeat, bad teeth and all if it was not just too far away for me to drive. I mean really. One ancient horse, an 8 year old dog, 8 six year old hens, a 9 year old rooster, and one ancient found dog :) He would fit right in.

  2. Your are lovely!

    How far do I have to drive to get him to you?
    This just gives me hope.
    Thank you, d xo

  3. The baby looks so much better. Look's like you're taking good care of him. xx