Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Dogs, Day 5: Trip to the River

Saturday: a gorgeous day; we needed to get out of the cardboard box and go to the river. Little guy trotted along, a real trooper. He still doesn't come, sit or stay. He won't even look up when you whistle (nope, he's not deaf), but he follows along the trail, stays around Zephyr and me. And when he wondered a bit far I ran after him, turned him around like a wind-up toy and he trotted on with us.

He does not like the water. He also does not like peanut butter (!). He does like to pee on everything.

Starting out on the high grass

 On the trail through the trees

 keeping up with Zephyr

 A pause to smell the foliage

 Something in the fall air

 First and only dog in the river

 Walking back along the water. Each rock was like a small mountain for little guy.

 The salmon have run and now there, well, ick. You can smell them in the air. Zephyr's checking out the source.

An hour and a half later, back in the jeep, little guy curled up, shivering in his basket. 

Out cold before I even got in. Big day for a little guy that was scurrying down a gutter, covered in mud 4 days ago. Who ever saw this coming.
d, xo
P.S. a guy on the trail asked, "What IS that? It looks like a hedgehog." Poor little dude. :-) 


  1. He looks so much happier today! What an endearing little fellow he is -- just look at that mane! Zephyr looks back as if to say, "You might have your own little basket, but *I* get the front seat." :-)

  2. lol, Zephyr always gets shotgun!
    Since his bath (actually two) he looks much fluffier. If only some of that fur were on his tush. :-)
    Thanks for the comment!
    d xo