Friday, December 9, 2011

Lost Dog, Day 4

Grooming day got a big fail, when little adorable here, went all Kujo on the groomer. It was like watching a Grimm beast transformation. Yikes. So embarassed, I bought shampoo (oatmeal for bad skin) & a special brush and bowed out with my apologies.

In the park, before we the groomers

I got kind of bummed, because I was so looking forward to some miraculous transformation. I may have been a bit misguided. For one, this dog is older than 6. He's old. And my fears that he's unadoptable because of that snarly incident worries me.

Happy bath moment. Soaking in oatmeal shampoo.

Still, not to give up, especially when he's living in our small apartment and he SMELLS. I gloved up and gave him a bath myself. (We'll call it number one in a continuation of baths). Surprisingly, he was a complete gem, better than Zephyr, stood very still, no whining, zero snarling. He just shook. And then my heart melted all over again and I scooped him up in my arms. (Big sucker! should be tatooed on my forehead.)

All freaked out, fresh from the bath, shaking like crazy, but fine.

I did an okay job, but I get why these little dog groomings are expensive. He's miles of long fur, all matted and he's so fragile. Brushing took a while and I gave him (us) a break. Will come back at it later. Suddenly, he looks more Pomeranian than Yorkshire. Who knows what he is.
Being very patient while I comb him. POOF. We may need some conditioner.

Little guy--or as @thejeanmartha and @writernwaiting named him Rusty or RuDolpho. Right now it's just little guy.
d xo

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