Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nap Time

Today has been amazing. People have been sending money for the little guy's vet and grooming fund and I am floored by their generosity. FLOORED!

For a while, yesterday, I thought I was going to have to take him back to the pound. I was freaking out. I just couldn't afford to take on this little guy, even as a foster. But today, complete strangers stepped up and donated enough now that I can get him groomed--oh, does he smell, even after I gave him a bath! Plus his hair is matted, and he's SO tiny! I'm terrified to even go there. So, now he can go to the groomers--toenails too! :-)

In the jeep, he travels in the laundry basket; nap time too. :-)

Also, he's been sniffling and he's got a goopy eye. I have Zephyr to think of too. I can't have him picking up something. So, now I can take the little guy to the vet, have him checked out, get medicine, if need be.

We'll clean him up and wait to see if an owner appears. If not we'll find him a good home. I'm sure of it.

d, xo.

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