Thursday, December 8, 2011


If you haven't heard, I found another dog. Here he is, all ratty, dreadlocked & lost. Poor dude. I've been "fostering" him for a few days now because I can't bare to give him up to the pound. Zephyr (my own dog) isn't sure about all of this, but we're trying.

Right now he needs a bath, a REAL dog grooming bath, complete with nail trimming, de-dreadlocking, flea goop and, sorry, an anal glan clean-up, which apparently is a small dog thing & let's not say anything else about THAT.

The cost is $35 to get this guy to the least expensive neighborhood, reliable groomer I could find. Plus, he needs a proper small dog harness, which is all pushing my budget at the moment. So, if you would like to help clean up this little dude, make him presentable for adoption I would be incredibly grateful. Just donate what you can at the PayPal button above, left.

I promise to show before & after photos too!
Your karma will rock.

dahlila xo

p.s. I tried adding the donation button to my Wordpress blog, but it wouldn't take. For the original Lost Dog post, look here:

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