Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big Day, Big Hearts, Big Dog Park

We had a big day. Little guy was wheezing and scratching his ears. It was time to go to the SPCA and see what help they could give us.

There, we met Bobby (cute young guy with floppy bangs who was very sweet and helpful).  He named little guy, Gutter--since that's were I found him--but no. I'm not naming him Gutter. Bobby took little guy to see the vet and get some more info. on his conditions:

1) His eye is not a cataract but something called "nuclear sclerosis" similar, but not the same.

2) His teeth are bad but not so awful there's no repair bad, she believes.

3) Little guy definitely needs to be neutered, but also they don't want to do it, because of his age, he needs blood work done before hand for his own safety. Good to know.

Bobby got on the Internet and the phone--while little guy peed on his floor. Oops, again--and we may have a vet who can do the neuter and teeth for a lot less--still potentially expensive, but we will see. At least there is hope. :-)

Oh, and this: while we were standing there, a man came in to make a charitable donation. He asked about little guy? I told him, we chatted, he went back to give his donation. On his way out, he stopped handed me  a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL. Merry Christmas, he said, and walked out. All I know is his name is Greg and he gets enormous generosity karma points and wings. :-)

After the SPCA visit, we needed some park time. The dogs meet another big guy and sniffed over something together.

This place is amazing, out behind the courthouse in an industrial area. You'd never know it was here unless you had a dog. Big dog side on the left; little dog side on the right. :-)

Shot from the same spot, a great skate park on the other! What a cool place! Off Power Inn Road in Sacramento).

What a day.

d, xo


  1. I love his little coat. He's adorable!!! I dress my pup in all sorts of silly outfits.

  2. Hi Phyllie, it is pretty adorable, the most reserved I could find. I'm not ready for bows & ribbons. In time. ;-)