Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday, Sunshine, River

We've had the most incredible weather this December. Grand blue skies, slightly chilly, sweater weather. Eventually, it will surely rain, but for now Mother Nature practically demands we go to the river.

The guys waiting for me to get it all together.

Just starting out on the dunes. Little guy got a new bright orange jacket just for these wide open range occasions. Easier for me to spot and, hopefully, less likely to look a rodent, or hawk/coyote dinner.

 The only time he stands still is when he's peeing.

 Purveying the river. Happy dogs.

Becoming friendlier.

  The nearly impossible to pull off, family photo.

Back at the car; nap time.

We spent the whole afternoon wandering up the dunes, down along the water. Zephyr swam, little guy tip-toed through the sand. We tromped up the levy and down the trails. It was absolutely beautiful.
d, xo

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