Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Other Vera--Vera Bradley

Any time I have ever said Vera, I meant Neumann, famous for her floral watercolors and silk screened scarves, 1940s-80s. But recently another Vera has come to my attention, Vera Bradley.

I remember Vera Bradley purses well, I just never really noticed them before as they were for the older set, our mother's friends and their sorority sisters. Not really my look.

However, Bradley has been making a comeback, apparently, with a younger, hipper generation and I'm taking notice.

This is my first Vera Bradley purchase. a Bradley "Saddle Up" bag in the Symphony in Hue pattern. I really love it. (I caved. It's Ebay listed here).*
* Holy cow! I posted The Saddle Up bag above on Ebay & it sold in a few hours at $36. Wow. Looking for more Vera Bradleys. :-)

My second Bradley purchase came surprisingly from a family friend cleaning out her closet. She had several Bradley's. This one I can't locate a pattern name but seems to go generally by blue leaf or blue maple leaf. Also, I can't locate the design or the retired year. Do you know? ;-)

This is the Chanticleer Rooster pattern in a small duffel bag. This pattern is retired, although I don't know what year here either.
All three purses are very clean and ready to use. The Roosters and Maple Leaves are featured in the shop now. The cool hip bag is still a possible addition to my own wardrobe. If not, it will be on my Ebay auction, as it's only a 2009. Too bad! It would look fabulous in the shop.

Love these colors! Boho paisley and the interior is playful and fun. Also, I like the large metal fob on the flap. It really gives it a more modern look. Thank you Vera Bradley. Well done.


d xo

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