Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Fall Finds

There's something about Fridays. They're the end of a harried work week for most, but they're the beginning of mine. On Fridays, I can't resist thrifting, as if Saturday were just to long a wait. Also, it gives me a jump start on what could disappear by the weekend.

Apparently, I'm all about fall colors, even with the temperature hovering near 9o degrees. The feel of autumn is still here. So, check out the bright fall colors coming to Dahlila Found.

From left to right:

1) a FABULOUS palm print vinyl jewelry box with orange velvet lining. It has a drawer AND a secret stash beneath the top shelf. Dreamy!
2) A handmade needlepoint throw pillow in great 70's avocado, mustard, rust, white and yellow--the back is golden brushed cord--in great condition.
3) the box heeled pumps: a bit worn but I couldn't resist the geometric toe pattern. Groovy!
4) A Princess Gardner wallet, with all the original ad slips inside. I'm pretty sure it's dead stock. Love it!
5) Lastly, a Boy Scout belt, which I'll sell with a Boy Scout bandanna I already have. Show off your inner scout! :-)

Note: items will show up in  Dahlila Found and Scout And Rescue. They're both my shops and  I will gladly combine shipping between both. Just ask!

Enjoy your Autumn!

d xo

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