Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moroccan Autumn: New Fall Finds

Wonderful new finds for the coming autumn. I am so taken by the rich colors, deep chestnut browns, sunflower yellows, soft wheats and bright oranges. Ah, fall. :-)

Vintage tan and white spectators, Stewart Weitzman

Indian Summer Sunset: vintage bedsheet, Queen/King Flat, Burlington, 1970s

Bold vintage orange pumps, Howard Fox, San Francisco, 1970s, 8.5.

Moroccan Design, Full Flat, bed sheet, J.P. Stevens for Utica, 1978

Vintage acorn brown pumps, Anne Klein, 8M

Vintage Rock-n-roll cowboy boots w/double zippers, chocolate brown, golden wheat. orange yellow stitching; women's 8-8.5

More to come,
dahlila xxoo

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