Thursday, July 29, 2010

Petite Cafe

I was running errands downtown (ick) when I suddenly needed coffee. Not coffee-on-the-run, but an "I need to sit down and rest" coffee, so I came here to Le Petite Paris.  
Just inside the right windows are three baroque couches that sink nearly to the floor. They're worn and fabulously comfortable. I sat, or sunk, drank coffee served lightly Americano in a wide brimmed cup on a saucer and listened to the muffled sounds of a French lesson playing in the background.

I could have sat there all day, sipping quietly, staring out the window, watching the people zip by, while my mind slowed down.

Some days--some moments--really demand a place to sit, quietly and, for a little while, just be.



  1. What a lovely place! Everyone needs a La Petit Cafe.

  2. Yes, Birdie. I'm glad you think so too. Do you have such a place? Or two? :-)