Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall For Color

It took me many years to get over black as a daily clothing essential. When I did though, I never looked back. (Besides I have dogs. Standing in an office parking lot, sticky rolling my clothes just doesn't work for me.)

Color--BOLD color--makes such a bigger statement. Anyone can pull off black, but red? Purple? Yellow, red and purple?

A friend tells me, I'm returning to my roots. As a kid I was all about color: plaid, polka-dots--both, mixed together. My poor mother. All she wanted was a sweet little girl in patent  Mary Janes and a pastel smock dress. I wanted green rainboots, orange polyester plaid, a  pink t-shirt and my cowboy hat. Things haven't changed too much since then.

Here are a few great color spots from my shop and around Etsy.

Enjoy, dahlila xxoo

Crochet dress by Subrosa123

Mustard jersey jumper, by Idea2lifestyle 

Vintage Tangerine box heels at Dahlila Found

Ada coat, by Little Houses
Petal Flower beige crocheted tunic by Molda

Sea Foam rafia vintage purse by Joules Vintage 

Collaged marino dress at RaissaBump 

 Green plaid cotton shirt dress by Design7 

Little Red vintage handbag at Dahlila Found


  1. OOOOO I just adore the crochet dress in pic #1!!

    Fun fun fun....

  2. These are fantatic finds! I'm completely obsessed with fall, and after spending the last 6 "fall" seasons in Arizona (where there isn't a real fall), I'm craving it so badly this year!!

    PinkyCrafts (

  3. What great shapes and colors! Love them.
    Thanks for including my collaged merino dress.

    raissa bump (

  4. Thank you ladies.
    I love fall too--sweaters, scarves, hats, wraps. It's 100 degrees here in in California today & I want to go buy sweaters. :-)

    dahlila xxoo

  5. What a fabulous Etsy shop you have!! And I love the color. I am a big time black wearing person but I do love to add a pop of color with the coat, scarf, or shoes or some piece of fantastic jewelry. Thanks so much for visiting. Hope you'll come by often. The door is always open and sometimes there's fresh baked cookies. ~

  6. First dress--yeah! Also lovin the colorblock sweater dress. Nice finds for autumn. :)