Friday, November 20, 2009

PINK on Winter White

Somewhere it's snowing (although it's raining here) It's a good day to create a splashing outfit, a party frock, a look for ladies who lunch. Pink, I believe, doesn't have to be for spring only. In fact, in the midst of winter it can a refreshing change to gray and brown and black. Besides, it has all that snow as a perfectly lovely backdrop. Enjoy!

Oh so sunny, vintage WHITE woven topper at ShesFancy, $14 on sale!

Fabulous PINK mad men suit dress at ForrestinaVintage, $53.98

Perky cotton CANDY pink stilettos at Thrush, $72

Breakfast At Tiffany's double strand PEARLS, AdVintagous, $30.

Vintage CUSTARD wool coat, MariesVintage, $72

Large BUBBLE GUM pink handbag, DahlilaFound, $39.

Who could stay indoors in this ensamble? Dress it up, call a cab, meet the girls for lunch. :-)
Happy shopping, dahlila xxoo

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  1. Oh, my...I just found this post via an old Twitter tweet. Thank you so much for including my Mad Men suit/dress combo! The purse is fantastic--love the texture! :)