Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Green Monster

I am officially a true member of my family lineage. I know this because I scavenge for goods the way my grandfather did. We just can't resist the temptation of free. (I do have my limits. I don't want rusty fish hooks, or dock floaters or shovel handles, as he did). But when this chair appeared directly across the street from me donning a FREE I ran to it, second thoughts be damned.

The big burly tatooed moving man hauled it home and gently placed it in my backyard. I said thank you, then turned to truly look at what I had just adopted. Yikes!

This green velvet monstrosity is now known as the Big Green Monster and for the last 24 hours has been living in my garage. It has another 48, before it must vanish again. (unlike my grandfather, I don't need to keep it all. But like my father, I will sell it.)

There's a real thrill in the discovery of something different, unique, curious, fabulous. It's treasure! I am the pirate, the sleuth, the hunter looking for gold. My gold just happens to be vintage curios, accessories & house decor, but I can--and have-- fallen for a plethora of odds and ends, large and small. Some are even living--both my dogs were found. :-)

Meanwhile, I've got feelers out for help in naming this chair, because, honestly, I don't speak furniture. But I'm looking.  Do you know? Tell me. The chair is on a time clock. It's headed for Craigslist, but it needs a good story, a background, some color. Not everything that is found comes w/a resume. Sometimes you have to create on for it. My relatives would be so proud. :-)
dahlila xxoo

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