Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Arrivals

I've been busy buying for Fall even though, in the first week of November, I am running around in a skirt & light sweater. Tis the California season--cool, dry, windy and a few dots of rain. Still, winter coats call to me with all those lovely buttons. Boots and the smell of leather polish smell like heaven. I've bought so many I'm running out of room.

All things chocolate brown, olive green, cranberry, honey, creamy bone, caramel speak to me. Deep rich earthy colors. Maybe, it's their namesakes, but I want it all in my shop. And now it is.

Creamy bone white jewelry Mele jewelry box, red velvet lining, $18.

Oh, the boots! Cowboy, cowgirl, chunky lace-ups, wooly, leather, zipper, mod, campus. Boots!

Hats are on their way. They need a pretty face to model them. I love this one covered in paper flowers & light brown netting. Really gorgeous. I love hats. :-)

Thick cordurouy jacket in deep olive green, bucket pockets and optional buckle tie around. Gorgeous condition, $65. I love cordurouy. So cozy.

Now back to work. New shoes, designer scarves, ties, Christmas wear arriving soon.

thank you, dahlila

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