Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hat Whimsy!

I don't know if it was the weather or the coffee but I had a sudden attack of hat whimsy today--and it was really fun. Normally, I dread being in front of the camera, like a dog backing away from a bath. Excuses, excuses: my chin this, my nose that, freckles, wrinkles, etc, etc. but today the sky was just so--overcast and forgiving, and my hats looked lonely in the shop, sitting atop hat stands, a bit. . . bored.
So, I grabbed my camera, swapped clothes, earrings, hats and shot them before even I could protest.

The Buttery Creme Wedding Guest: paper roses, chocolate velvet ribbon, light brown tulle netting. Without season, delicate, elegant, no tag; $28.

Below, is the sophisticated felt velour turban with abalone button and trim. I got out my old glasses and trench coat. I look urban-editor ready, $28.

Below, this hat reminds me of the story book, Madeline, all grown up, having discarded her yellow ribboned hat for grown-up gray.
Bullocks Wilshire Sportswear, $38. (hardly what I think of when someone says sportswear.) 

It has a black rolled velvet button on top. It retains it whimsy.

Lastly, my favorite find: the hot pink, faux fur bucket hat. 2 1/2" wide grosgrain ribbon with enormous bow. Sparkly pink rhinetstone earrings to match. Dare I wear it in public?

Hat by Duchess, Italy; designed for Marshall Fields & Co, Chicago, $45; matching earrings, $14.
It may never happen again, so it's good I posted it now. The woman who dared to step in front of the camera on a whimsical winter day. :-)

Come by the shop: Dahlila,Found. We'll talk hats. Maybe, you'll throw conservative to the wind and dare to be the owner of a whimsical hat. ;-)

d, xxoo

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