Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fall Fashion, Vintage Scarves

I finally got a chance to go shopping yesterday. Thrifting is so relaxing and I found some wonderful items including these 3 lovely scarves that aren't even posted yet. It's 105 degrees here today. I can only do so much. ;-)
This first beauty is by Echo, long, silk in rich shades of pink and chocolate brown. Perfect for fall. Long enough to tie up in your hair or drape around your neck.
This second screams airline stewardess in this photo, so dapper. It's made in Italy by Leonardi Designs. Fabulous geometric pattern, very sporty.
And finally, vintage Anne Klein in a deep wine, cream & dusty rose, silk. All three scarves have hand rolled edgings and all are in beautiful condition. I hope to have them all posted by Sunday.
P.S. Looking forward to autumn! I'm ready to wear scarves! :-)
dahlila xxoo

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  1. Love the Echo scarf! You can't beat a bit of thrifting. xx