Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School House Rock

Who didn't love School House Rock? I learned more watching it than I learned in grade school all together. It was certainly more fun and you got to sing about it at the top of your lungs while eating cereal in your pjs. Schools should take heed.
Today, I found this great School House Rock wallet and snatched it up in good memories. It is not, however, vintage. SO, I'm having a FREEBIE contest, a little "Where's Waldo?" in my Etsy shop.

It's simple: 1) You find the photo of the wallet hidden amongst my shop goodies. 2) You post a direct message to me on my Twitter page of where you found it (what item it was hidden with). And baby, that wallet is yours!
Have fun, and while your searching, remember which School House Rock song you liked the best and sing it, preferably at the top of your lungs. ;-)
d. xxoo

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