Monday, July 6, 2009

Orloff Parfumes, Jean Vivaudou Co.

This is a Jean Vivaudou box of perfumed sachets from his 1939 Orloff parfumes collection called Nikki. The beauty of this treasure is I had absolutely no idea what I had found. The satiny sachets just appealed to me, so I rummaged it out of a throw away bag at an estate sale!
There are six sachets in the 5 inch square box and they still smell heavenly. Each one is silk in pink and creamy white.
Atop the box is the Orloff coat of arms famous on Vivaudou perfumes.

Inside the box I found this hand type set advertisement. You can feel the indentation of each letter and the roses. So lovely.

I found some fabulous vintage perfume enthusiasts on line that told me what a treasure I had uncovered. Thank you to The Vintage Perfume Vault and Cleopatra's Boudoir.
This fabulous goodie is going up for sale on Ebay. If you have any questions please ask!
dahlila. xxoo

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