Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY: Vintage Tissue Box Plant Hanger

Every once in a while I buy pieces that I think are fabulous, but then don't sell. Enter the vIntage tin floral tissue boxes. I thought they were darling, but seriously this one looks better here in the garden. (If it doesn't sell, well make something else out of it, right?)

How I made it:

1. I packed the sides and bottom w/that coconut brush stuffing made for hanging plants (Easy to find at any gardening store or Home Depot).

2. Fill with a good moisture holding soil--I got it straight from my compost. Lots of nutrients.

3. The tricky part was getting the sedums inside the basket. Luckily the sides were open and last fall the plants were smaller. (See through the mesh? The Hens & Chicks have grown!) The long hanging sedum, I think, is Burro's tail, but don't quote me on that. There are a variety of hanging sedums and I am no expert. I mostly like them because they are very easy to grow with very little water.

A bit easier to see the inside.

4. So, mix and match your plants. See a cluster of sedums while out walking in your neighborhood? Snap off a small piece (perhaps, ask first...your call) and push it gently into the dirt. They sprout roots are their own. No fuss, no mess. My kind of plant.

Close up: the "box" is getting rusty. I'll add more plants. It's an ever-changing garden.

5. Oh, and the vintage tissue basket? Try something else. A metal pasta strainer, a stray chipped bowl, bucket. I even saw an old leather boot once with sedums poking out the toes!

6. Most importantly: have fun and share! Show me what you've made.

d,  xo
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