Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Smith-Corona & The Electrolux

I finally--FINALLY!--got out the big guns, the pink Smith-Corona and the Electrolux. They both needed spiffing up a bit, but they are shiny clean now and working!  I. Am. Thrilled. :-)
The Smith-Corona is incredibly clean. It does need a new ribbon, but that's easily remedied. Look at those fabulous deco lines. It matches my bedroom! But alas, where would I possibly display it? Still, dreamy!

The Electrolux is so handsomely Art Deco, with the sleek sled blades, the body, the lines. It's made of solid metals & has a cloth vacuum bag (newly washed). It comes with the original cloth woven hose AND a newer version that creates a better suction. I want shag carpet, a martini and stiletto mules. A girl can vacuum in style too. :-)

Now, my only decisions is where to post them. Dahlila Found or my very new Scout and Rescue for vintage home decor? I think they will be living at the later--until, perhaps, they belong to you.

Enjoy! d, xo.


  1. Oh my goodness!! They are just beautiful! These great photos should earn you a pretty penny too :)

  2. Thank you Birdie!

    I have limited photo space, so Iworked hard to get them just right.
    I'm pleased. :-)

    d, xo

  3. You gotta be kiddin' me--pink typewriter? Fab!