Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scout and Rescue gets a banner

It isn't a complete banner yet, no type, just the photo. But oh, I love this photo. These two young cuties are my parents. Years before I was around, but no so many before they were married at the unbelievably young age of 18 and 19. Insane. 

But, I hear, back then, they were a lot of fun together. Mom was a sporty girl--camping, fishing, racing around in the Austin Healey. The boys liked her. She was a trooper. I like that.

When dad saw this photo, he exclaimed: "Good god! Where did that come from?" I snickered. The family has made me the keeper of photographs, so I've got my pick of the best of them and I'm not afraid to parade them out once in a while. Amen.

d, xo

1 comment:

  1. That's a gem for sure, D! Hope you can make it 700 x 100 without ruining the spirit. :)