Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Allstar Sneaker Circus

I love canvas tennies in all the brands you know: Keds, Vans, Converse. I grew up with them in a plethora of colors, but I always love the basics best: red, white & blue. The more you wear them, wash them & bicycle in them, the better they get. When we were young we wrote boys names on the white bumper sides. And when they got weary we pasted them up with shoe goo.

All these great vintage tennie runners are in the shop--or on their way. My house is filled with brightly inspiring tennis shoes and NOT A SINGLE PAIR FIT ME. Sigh.

What we have:  navy blue Converse All-Stars, red Converse All-stars, white Converse Jack Purcell's--SO big (men's 13) I can't find laces for them, & red canvas deck shoes (like Keds or Vans).

So, without further ado please welcome
The 2011 Summer Allstar Tennis Shoe Circus!



 shoulder stands

Circus Sandwich

The Rockets!

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