Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lavender, Lilac, Purple

Whatever you call it, purple, was my favorite childhood color. I wore it whenever I could and with anything: red plaid skirt, lime green socks, purple paisley shirt. My mother was horrified. There was always a battle. She probably won. I don't remember.

I found this darling purse in a deep soft suede. I snatched it up and cradled it like a teddy bear. It's dreamy. I love it. It matches my new top. :-)

And yet, this fabulous purse is in the shop, because even thought I LOVE IT, I can't keep everything I love. I'd never Sell anything! Which wouldn't be good. Then I'd have to live in my jeep, and really, there's just not enough room for my life, let alone my purses.
Still, doesn't it look JUST DREAMY with my boho blouse & Nancy Botwin skirt? Oh, the torture.

If YOU have an outfit that can't live without this purse, I might feel better. Do you? Show me and I might sell it to you...if you can tear it from my fingers. Did I mention I love purple. :-)

love d, xo


  1. Are you sure you shouldn't keep it? It does go so well with your top. One more purse can't hurt.
    Love the way you put outfits together!

  2. It is great, and I'm not even a purple gal! Your blog is looking GREAT, D! oxo