Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Cupcake Day (or, coffee simbiosis)

I have a very simbiotic relationship with my neighborhood cafe/restaurant. I keep their enormous bowl shaped planters filled with herbs and flowers, and in return they keep me filled with coffee.

Working at home, the cafe is my daily walking destination with Zephyr. It's my social escape, my water cooler for gossip. If anyone is looking for me the cafe is usually the first place they look.

This relationship also works well for my baking habit. I like to bake, and even they, in a restaurant, like to eat. So, this year for Valentine's Day I made cup cakes slathered in cream cheese and Cointreau frosting dolloped with pink, red, lavendar M&Ms, which, since I waited to the very last possible minute to buy, were crazy hard to find.

I got a grand entrance, "Happy Valentine's Day" all around and the cupcakes were gone in less than 5 minutes. Still, it was fun. Who else would I bake this many cupcakes for? Plus, I'm thinking in the spring it will buy me bonus points as I want to add another one of their restaurants to my gardening list. I drink a LOT of coffee. ;-)

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