Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Almost Famous: 60's Fashion

I stumbled over this great coat last week and clutched it like I had just discovered the reincarnation of Ms Pennie Lane. It is a long, heavy suede leather coat, completely trimmed in lamma fur that left me picturing Kate Hudson, all smiles and tossled curls from my favorite Cameron Crowe moive: Almost Famous.

70's lamma fur leather coat, SOLD  DahlilaFound

This post is dedicated to the 70s, groupies, rock and roll and my personal dream of going back in time to become Almost Famous. ;-)

The ethereal Ms Penny Lane (Kate Hudson)

Gorgeous (I want, want, want) sandy suede go-go boots, JessJamesJake, $86

Red Psychedelic maxi dress from SafeAsMilkVintage, $25

60's VERA suede belt at SwaneeGrace, $65

60's look, bangled earrings at Karapegg, $12.

dahlila xxoo