Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shimmer {beautiful things}

I've always had a plethora of silverware in my kitchen. I don't store it; I use it. Why save the beautiful pieces for guests only? My cereal deserves a silver spoon too.

I also like mixing designs. Why settle on just one, when I  can have many favorites? Silverware is like jewelry, mix it up and have fun with it. :-)

Any time I'm at an estate sale, flea market, thrft store, I pick through the silverware and I can always find a piece or two that need a new home.

I love my latest finds. They were so deep in tarnish it took me an evening of silver polish--2 sitcoms worth--to get them this shiny. My thumbs were aching but aren't they beautiful?

Some pieces will be up for sale in my shop. I don't need a place setting for 20 so I'm up for sharing. Your cereal, pasta, soup deserves a silver spoon too. :-)


  1. I have a habit of photographing silverware at antique stores. I don't buy it, I just love the way it looks when a ton of it is displayed in a shop, and I like to photograph it. Yes, I'm unique. Good for you for buying and using yours!

  2. I agree! Why leave the best for guests! I love a nice silver spoon to eat my cereal. Lovely post and fabulous photographs too. Hope you're well and all the best for 2010. xxx