Monday, January 25, 2010

Traveling Secrets: The Train Case

Train cases. Why are they so addicting? I think it's the idea of a secret, hidden compartments, a place for private things, perfumes, make-up, love letters. See a woman walking through a room carrying a vintage traincase and you will want to know what's inside. Isn't curiosity fabulous. ;-)

Powder blue fly away case w/lucite tray, $45, dahlilafound

The creme de la creme: *pink* Elizabeth Arden Train Case at Pinguim, $200

Olive green mystery at SweetLoveVintage, $30

White marbled beauty at LucyMaude, $36

Bright red at LittleByrdVintage, $21.50
There's nothing so wonderfully vintage as finding your very own train case. Enjoy!

dahlila xxoo


  1. Oh wow, that last pink one looks so familiar. I think my mom had a baby-blue version of it. These photos bring back memories of childhood trips!

  2. That Elizabeth Arden one is soooo fab!! I know, there is just someithn about them, isn't there. I have onehere at home that is my tool box, all hammers and screwdrivers :)
    Thanks for including me!

  3. Thank you for your comments, ladies. Memories & utility. Mine is full of grandma's jewelry & when I open it it smells just like her. :-)