Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walking Through the Past

I took a long walk with my camera in Sacramento today, something I never, ever do. I've lived here for years and today I walked around all wide eyed, looking up, staring down and snapping photos like an anthropologist. This city doesn't think too much of it's past. Old is out. New is in. The suburban landscape spreads and spreads, but I stay close to the center, the city, the grid. It just has more life.
I thought it would be fun to share some vintage shots before it all gets torn down, and it will. This is the old Tower Records on K Street Mall. It was the smallest of the 4 local Tower stores-- Broadway being the original, where I worked as the graphic, in-house artist many years ago.
I don't know who painted this elaborate, psychedelic ceiling, but I remember 1975 painted on it. It closed years ago, long before Russ Solomon closed all the Tower doors--an incredibly sad occasion for most cool local kids worked at Tower sometime in their life.
Now, this building sits empty, ceiling chipping away, drunks in the alcove, but I took a minute to look up and remember some great vintage memories. At least--as one rumor went--it won't become a Starbucks.

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