Friday, April 17, 2009

Vintage In the City

A few weeks ago I walked with my camera through Sacramento and really looked at its past. The signs--literally--are fewer, so I wanted to catch them before they are gone. These are some favorites I found. Rodney's Cigars is the only one still in business.
When people regularly sewed there was a repair store to fix your machine. Remember those? Fix-it shops. There was a time when home items were repaired, instead of tossed. I'm hoping this recession will bring that back.
I love this sign: Rodney's Cigars & Liquors. Look at the graphics! Classic!
Since Dahlila, Found sells vintage luggage, this sign grabbed my attention. Specialty stores, fabulous.
And that's my mini tour update. Now go out into your city, town, neighborhood and take a look around. I bet there are some fabulous hidden treasures from the past. Save them.

dahlila xxoo

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