Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Sale!

Every May my neighborhood has a blowout yard sale day. People stroll about on bikes, kids sell lemonade, mom's have charity bake sales. Some people drive--always a danger. The streets are all chaos. This year, I walked with my red roller basket, coffee, camera and wallet. It was perfect.

Tons of clothes and purses. 

 Some folks were obviously collectors, while others were just trying to get rid of last year's baby clothes.

 Check out the Fiestaware. Prices too high for me, but beautiful.

My red cruiser market basket! Packed with goodies in the first half-hour.

First round, home. Above and below: Beautiful bedspread, velvet floral pillbox hat, caulander, Converse tennies, embroidered carrying case.

Below: even advertising! "Cheap, cheap, cheap...and I don't mean chicken! Rapture blowout! Sorry, cat not for sale!"

Three orange school desks--not plastic, but mod fiberglass. $10 each. Tempting but I passed. 

Last round: Red and white hip bag, fuchsia Gloria Vanderbilt 80's handbag, faux Victorian parasol w/roses, pink and gold atomic serving dish.

Somewhere I was looking at a couch too, but when I went back to measure it, I couldn't find it. Just as well, it wouldn't fit in my basket. ;-)
d, xo


  1. Great finds!! Perfect light, too. You can tell it was a beautiful day. And I live that colander! I have an old metal one with star shapes, but it's not colored or anything.

  2. Love neighborhood parties/sales. What fun! Looks like you had a great time and made some finds, too.

  3. I love this post, Dahlila!
    I have been neighborhood garage saling since I was a kid. This year, my sister and I each drove several hours to meet up at our old neighborhood to do some serious shopping!