Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Finds: best of the '60s and 70's

I stumbled upon a new shop tucked away behind a power mall. It was a sweet find. Lucky me.
A few of my weekend treasure finds:

A plush corduroy suitcase. Yes, corduroy, both sides and all around. It's insanely soft like your favorite pair of 70's bell bottom cords. A great stash for your winter sweaters or favorite books, a hideout for your cat or curl up with it and call it a pillow. :-)

These are the sweetest, daintiest leather Mary Jane's in a soft pearly champagne. Beautiful for a wedding. I actually have an evening dress that matches perfectly, but they don't fit this Cinderella. Sigh.
Made in Belgium by Defaux.
Size 8 narrow. In shop now.

 It kind of looks like a pizza here, but it's actually a table cloth adorn in bright yellow and orange flowers, with some avocado green leaves.
Flower power for a round table.
In shop on Sunday.

Wild 60's cocktail hour sandals with amazing faux granite rhinestones. Low sling backs named "Siren" by Magdesian. Dreamy.

p.s. don't make fun of my toes. There all I have. :-)

d, xo

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  1. Good finds, D! And how cool to have a *new* shop to go back to for more goodies in the future! :)