Friday, April 1, 2011

Savory Scones

I may have picked the wrong night to turn on the oven (heat wave, 83 degrees today. Yuck.) but I had to make these Tomato Feta Scones by Savory Sweet Life on the Etsy blog and they are delish!

I had to make a few minor adjustments to the recipe. I didn't have garlic salt, a food processor, a baking stone or even parchment paper, but I made due and if someone doesn't take them away soon, I may eat another. I really love savory baked goods. If you have the ingredients, they're an easy to prepare treat. Great with wine or coffee. :-)

My adjustments:

1) For garlic salt I used Mrs. Dash, Original Seasoning Blend (salt free, which is good because the feta & the butter (oh, I didn't have unsalted butter either) are plenty of salty.

2) Instead of roasted red tomatoes from a fancy (read expensive) deli, I used Green Chile & Roasted Tomato Chunky Salsa from Archer Farm. Next time I want to try real roasted red peppers (I roast them straight on the gas range. Super yummy, but tomatoes, I'm not sure how that works. Experiment. You may find something better.

3) I love feta cheese so it was a must, but cheddar or Swiss would make a good substitute if you're making them for kids or someone who's not a feta fan--I can't imagine.  

4) No parchment paper or baking stone, no problem, a lightly buttered baking tray worked great.

5) Mine were thicker than 1" when I flattened the dough & stickier (surely from the salsa) so I cut them into 6 pieces instead of eight. They're big, fluffy and dreamy.

6) Also, because of the size & density, I baked them for nearly 25 minutes. Check on them often.

Thank you Savory Sweet Life. This is exactly what I've been wanting.

dahlila xo

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