Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Mod, Ba-by.

I spotted this wild thing and knew I had to have it before I was even sure what it was. At first glance, I thought: small dog carrier, seriously. Doesn't it look like one? It has the longest pull handle I've ever seen and it comes unlatched at one end to make it even longer! And wheels, baby. It rolls like crazy.

It has two large easy access side pockets for books, Kindle, cords, lunch.

The large center storage is for--wait for it--a bowling ball! BUT, see the base with the round ball cup? It flips over to make a flat bottom. Insta' mod-wow carry-on bag!

I'm telling you this thing has room. An extra side pocket outside the side pocket.

And lose it in an airport? No way. You can spot this shiny clear plastic covered vinyl roll-out a mile away--which, in some airports, is necessary.

The big blue wheely bag is going on sale tonight in the shop. Although I have an incredible urge to take it out to the airport and wheel it around for fun. I'm telling you it needs a small white fluffy dog popping it's head out of the center. Even a rabbit would work. :-)

d, xo


  1. awesome. you definitely would not lose that at the airport.

  2. Isn't it cool? It needs an airport run, seriously. :-)

    d xo