Thursday, March 17, 2011

Echo & Clover

Two days I ago I found this darling vintage green Echo scarf at the thrift. $1.49! It's chiffon and covered with darling stems of clover. What a find, and two days before Saint Patrick's Day.

Normally, I don't get too worked up about this day. I don't really like beer or parties, or crowds, which is really what today seems to be all about, but I was giddy to wear this scarf today. Too warm for my neck I tied it up in my hair--new hair cut, shorter short hair! (Oh me, & my bed head hair. It's just so ME.)

Zephyr needed in on the festive action too. I found this cute hand crocheted scarf at the thrift too, this last fall. How much do I love little thrift store finds? Z looks like he's wearing an ascot. (Don't worry, it was a photo shoot only. I wouldn't dare subject him to dog park ridicule for the sake of fashion.)

So, what did you wear today? Something vintage? Something unique? Hope you have a nice day. Enjoy your beer & pastrami.
d, xo

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