Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Goodness

I have a cold. It feels like my annual post-Christmas tonsil nightmare. I am heavy with winter. So, I am reaching for good winter thoughts. I actually have many: old black & white movies, scratchy wool blankets with a hint of  moth balls that remind me of my grandmother. Long, hot, bubbly baths. :-)
Here's what I'm grateful for today:

Cream of wheat. My grandmother made it for us when we were kids with a chunk of butter, bathed in half-n-half. Today, I add nuts, cranberries and molasses. I eat it all the time.

Because I'm at home more, I'm cooking, drinking tea, making coffee and eating fruit and vegggies. The remnants fill my compost and in the spring I'll have fresh dirt. There's hundreds of worms under there all doing their work. :-)

I never drink tea, except in the winter. I keep the cupboard stocked. Chamomille and mint are my favorite.

 Both my neighbors have lemon trees. One is a Meyer's, my favorite. I just plucked a calandar full. I will eat, squeeze, drizzle, soak, drink all of these before the week's out and start again. I love lemons. :-)

I leave my small tree up just for the glitter and lights. My niece found tinsel and these groovy pink plaid bulbs while we were shopping last week. I love them.
What are you grateful for, just for today?

d xo


  1. For today...I'm grateful that I didn't have to go to school, I did go for sushi and thrifting with a gal friend, and I enjoyed your blog post, D.
    You, too, shop at Trader Joes, we like the same teas (try TJ's green candy cane yet? It's so good!), and all that lemon juice vitamin C will cure your throat ails lickety split. :)

  2. Nice gratefuls. So glad you are here. Sushi AND thrifting with a friend...the best. :-)

    TJs? Guilty. Lots of green tea this week & miso soup.
    Thank you for visiting,
    d xo