Friday, January 29, 2010

Making Valentine's Cards

When Etsy announced they were partnering with Citymeals-OnWheels and inviting all Etsy artists to make homemade Valentine's Day cards I got as giddy as a kid on, well, Valentine's Day. :-)
I broke out the colored stamps, vintage ribbon, craft paper, yarn and glue. Etsy said, "pretend its for your sweet, sweet grandma," and I have.
I wish my own grandmothers were still alive. I would LOVE to deliver Valentine's Day cards to them--all three of them. (I actually new my great, grandmother who lived to be 98.)
Valentine's today, feels mostly for school children to share over juice, and new couples to share over dinner and wine, but there's an enormous other age category out there (in here) who deserve a Valentine's too. I am so happy to share my few cards with them.
Thank you Etsy and CityMeals-on-Wheels. This Valentine's Day will feel a little less lonely knowing I got to send a Valentine's to someone who really needed one. :-)


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