Friday, May 8, 2009

Thinking of Dahlila

Dahlila has gotten little if any attention for a while. Her shelves are quiet, neglected. The typewriter a bit dusty, the ribbon, faded.
And then a surprise. A customer returned from last summer, bought a card and a favorite bracelet: Mixed Salad, a colorful mixture of vintage buttons that remind me of it's name sake: radishes, squash, mixed greens, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes.

I have only two bracelets left to sell. I don't know if I will make more. They are time consuming, hand stitched, more a labor of love than lucrative, which is what I need to focus on just now. Don't we all.
Still, I am grateful this customer came back. It gave me a chance to visit my button box, bracelets, typed words and cards. The later of which I hope to make more, however computer typed this time. My fingers and the typewriter...ridiculous.

Thinking of you, dahlila xxoo

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