Monday, May 25, 2009

Late Afternoon Gardening

Today was a good day to stay close to home and garden. Zephyr hung out in the yard too, but I did most of the work.
The onions I planted last winter are flowering. I keep them now just for the explosion of purple by my back door.
The bird bath keeps the birds happy but is constantly being taken over by the lavender. I hack it back continuously. I want the vines to spread out, fill in and crawl up the bath. Patience.

Urban gardening is a challenge. So many pots, small patches of flowers, tomatoes in raised beds, squash in wine barrels. I fill up all the space I can, then shift it around with the changing seasons. The shade, the sun, the asphalt. Still, it's worth it. I can look down on it all from my window perch. And soon enough be feasting on fresh tomatoes and basil. My favorite.

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